Cozy Collar

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Product Description

Featuring my neighbor's Pomeranian Lucy Rose in my pictures.

Lucy is wearing a collar cozy in sky blue. These are also great for cats!

Collar Cozies turn that irritating collar into a comfortable and non skin irritating collar.

Honestly, how would you feel with something itchy around your neck day after day?

In fact, that's the reason most of us don't wear turtlenecks.

Make your pet comfortable with a collar cozy. After all, they're family too.

*I do make custom collar cozies for smaller or larger cats and dogs. Just send me your measurements of your furry friend to get your custom collar cozy.

I do ship internationally through eBay. My username there is ark3grls.

Cozy Collar

Welcome! You may find yourself asking "Why under the sun"? Well, I make a little bit of everything. I didn't want to restrain myself selling supplies if I get the itch to crochet. So, from time to time, you'll find a little bit of everyting under the sun right here!

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